Wedding: Surprise Performance!

Elan, Jeremy, AmberlieOn September 5th, 2014 at the Santa Margarita Ranch in California, newlywed Elan surprised his bride Amberlie with an unexpected live performance of their favorite song. Elan is a lawyer by trade (with a rockstar soul). He secretly took guitar lessons and coordinated the entire performance. He even sent CD’s to all of the guests with instructions for participating in the surprise show. Needless to say, Amberlie was astonished. The marching band of drummers was the icing on the wedding cake!! It was an honor and a pleasure working with such a wonderful couple.  Enjoy the video and please be sure to read their nice comments below.  Cheers!!

Absolutely Phenomenal:  We went searching and interviewing for a local DJ on the central coast. We interviewed at least 7 different people and sat with them each for over an hour. We had our checklist handy: The DJ had to: 1) Have experience; 2) Be likable; 3)Be reasonably priced; 4) Seem genuinely interested in making our day special; and 5) they had to mesh with our personalities. I know this list sounds long, but truth is, we thought and now know, the DJ is one of if not THE most important vendor. Jeremy exceeded our expectations on every single check mark on our list. 1) This guy knows what he’s doing. From the equipment he recommended and used (everyone could hear everything perfectly)to his song order to keep the crowd entertained to his MCing – he was simply the best! 2) Jeremy was more than likable. We got quite a few comments about what a cool DJ we had. Who comments on that? Really, that’s how good he was. He wasn’t cheesy, he wasn’t into taking any spotlight, he was just the man behind the curtain and someone who you could easily see being friends with. 3) The price was right. We noticed that a ton of DJ’s had gimmicks – “get a free photo booth” – “get some extra lighting” – we heard it all. After meeting with all the DJ’s, we sat down and talked about all the side deals and extra – but ultimately none of it mattered to us. Not only was Jeremy the right price – he didn’t need any gimmicks – what was important to us, was that we got the Best DJ at the Best Price. And we were right when we picked him. 4) From the very start, Jeremy and his wife Nina said their job was to focus on “us” and to make things as special as possible. They met with us numerous times – even when it was last minute. They spoke to us over the phone, through email, and once even at 1 in the morning when we were having a difficult time picking a song to walk down the isle. They met up with me for a rehearsal performance (my surprise for the wife) and set up all their equipment and assisted in the actual performance itself! 5) Finally, and possibly most important – they meshed with our personalities. I cannot see them not meshing with anyone. They are both so relaxed, sweet, generous, thoughtful, and simply good people. To whomever is reading this, the DJ company “By Request” of Jeremy and Nina is phenomenal and HIGHLY recommend them for any event.  – Elan and Amberlie

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