Wedding: Pat & Pepper

Bride & Groom: Pat & Pepper“Nina, I can’t thank you and Jeremy enough for such a great evening at our wedding.  Everything went so well.  My daughter Emily said it was magical.  I agree.  The music during the whole evening was perfect.  Thank you!”  – Pat & Pepper

It’s no secret, the Central Coast is a fantastic place for a wedding!  Just ask Pat & Pepper who traveled all the way from Minnesota to exchange their vows in the cozy California climate.  Guests came from near and far to attend the celebration at Denner Vineyards.  This venue is one of our absolute favorites in the region.  From the breathtaking views to the marvelous wines, this gorgeous location is ideal for an intimate and memorable event.  The staff is laid back and the atmosphere will nourish your soul.   “Magical” is a word that I’ve heard many times when people describe this venue.  Pat & Pepper chose to keep their ceremony and reception simple and elegant.  A beautiful song was performed by Janna Braun during the ceremony (check out the video below).  Plenty of time was allotted for socializing and dancing!  After a splendid meal, the party kicked up and the bride was ready to dance the night away!  They selected a nice music mix of classic hits and some contemporary dance tunes to keep the party hoppin’.  I overheard several of the Minnesota guests planning their return trip to Paso Robles.  I guess our secret is out!  A special thanks to Theresa Wasley and the wonderful crew at Denner for the hospitality.  Here are some video highlights from the affair.

3 thoughts on “Wedding: Pat & Pepper

  1. Kathie Fierro

    Congratulations to both of you! I am so happy for you guys – it’s been a long time coming, and I’m so glad you finally took the big step! Sorry I couldn’t be there to witness it. Thankfully Bill sent this to me so I could at least get to see some of your beautiful day. The venue really looked gorgeous ,and it looks like you had lots of fun too!

    Armando and I send you lots of love, and hugs, and wish you both the very best for your future together as man and wife!! It’s about time!! Enjoy wherever this new chapter in your lives takes you!

    Kathie and Armando Fierro

  2. Roly English Weaver

    I really appreciate being able to see a glimpse of where Pat and Pepper chose to get married and what the ceremony was like. Everyone looked marvelous! Thank you so much for sending this video. Have a happy life together.

    Roly and Andy

  3. Jay & Tonda Kubena

    Very nice video of a very wonderful event!!!

    It was great seeing some of the things you always miss because you’re in another room or busy spending the usual 3 minutes with everyone else.

    Marvelous people, food, drinks and especially the Bride and Groom. You do know “Groom” is only short for “grooming” and means you have years of training ahead of you, Pepper…

    All we can say is “ABOUT TIME”! Congratulations again and love to all,

    Jay and Tonda Kubena


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