7 Questions for Jeremy…


How long have you been a DJ?

My parents would tell you that I was born a DJ… I believe it’s true. I’ve always had an insatiable passion for music and entertaining. Music is in my soul… it’s my life. My professional DJ career began in New England when I was just 15 years old. I started out as a mobile DJ, performing at local dances and community events. I also worked at my hometown radio station, producing remixes and commercials. I knew that DJing was my mission.. and it paved my trail from the East Coast to the West Coast.

So, you’ve actually been on the radio?

Yes, I’ve been everything from an from an intern to the boss (laughs)… from an On-Air-Personality to the Program Director.  I’ve been very fortunate to have worked at many incredible radio stations… from New Hampshire, to Virginia, to Texas, and of course, California.

Have you ever been a DJ in nightclub?

Yep. I’ve “spun” at many clubs around the US. Most notably, I was the resident DJ at the legendary Heartbreak Cafe in Virginia Beach for 7 years. I’m proud to say that we were ranked the #1 nightclub in the metropolitan area during my entire tenure.

What makes a great wedding DJ?

That is a very big question. There’s definitely a science to it. Every performance is as unique as our clients. Generally speaking, it means setting the right mood and providing entertainment which is both specific to the newlyweds and suitable for their guests. Technically speaking, it means delivering pristine quality audio, precisely programming the song playlists, effectively controlling the volume, modestly making the announcements with style & clarity, flawlessly executing the music transitions, strategically developing & accurately adhering to the event timeline, respectfully coordinating with other vendors, humbly knowing who is the “star of the show” (hint: it’s not me), tactfully overcoming any unforeseen obstacles, and much more… all while encouraging a once-in-a-lifetime experience through music.

Aren’t you a musician too?

I am! I play guitar, drums & keyboards. When I’m not DJing, you can usually find me in the studio working on another cool music project! Also, I run a private recording studio that specializes in voiceovers, music & audio production.

Speaking of voiceovers, haven’t we heard your voice before?

It’s quite possible. I’ve recorded thousands of commercials during my career.  I’ve been the “signature voice” for many radio & TV stations, concert promos, movie trailers and more.

Do you have any hobbies?

I’m a big fan of the San Jose Sharks and the Philadelphia Eagles. I enjoy concerts, documentaries & reading non-fiction books (nerd alert!)… and snuggling with my pugs.

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