Lighting Your Event

By: Nina Hamilton-Wilber

The Importance of Lighting Your Event


Once you have decided the type of event you would like to have, it’s time to develop a room layout. It is important to include all the tables, stage, dance floor, video projection area, bars and buffet tables.

Buffets, centerpieces, floral arrangements and bars:

Spots are used to light centerpieces, floral arrangements, buffets and, occasionally, bars. Remember that if you are spending from $100 to $500 for a centerpiece, they certainly should be seen.  Make sure they are lit properly.Pink & Gold Wash

Wash the room in color:

Color adds instant ambiance.  The purpose of the room wash is to ensure that guests can see each other and look great, and the food looks appetizing. The room should never be too dark, yet nothing is worse than going to an event that uses house lighting on at 100 percent. With wash lighting women look beautiful, guys look handsome, food looks scrumptious, the glass sparkles and the room has a warm glow that makes guests feel comfortable.

 Light the walls and ceiling:

A room or tent can be completely transformed using a wash of color(s) on the walls and/or on the ceilings.  Projecting a pattern or logo on the wall, ceiling or dance-floor is a fun way to really personalize your event.

Lasor Light Show

 Light the dance floor:

We believe dance floor lighting is one of the most important aspects of lighting. A properly lit dance floor will invite your guests to join in the celebration and have some fun!  Party lights are a true mood enhancement, and a real party starter. 

Exterior lighting:Lasor & Haze

Exterior lighting is becoming more noticeable. Today, many public buildings and structures are incorporating lighting to illuminate their surfaces at night. To make a great impression on arriving and departing guests, nothing has a more dramatic effect than lighting the outside of the venue, tent, walkway or the grounds of a house that your event is taking place.

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