AHS Winter Formal 2013

AHS-Winter-FormalOn February 2nd, 2013, Atascadero High School celebrated Winter Formal at the Paso Robles Events Center. It was the BIGGEST DANCE in AHS history!! On Groundhog Day, as the little varmint came out of his hole, over 800 students quickly ran down in! “A TRIP INTO WONDERLAND” was this year’s theme and the students did an amazing job with the concept. From the Tea Party, to the Croquet Court, to Little-Big Town, to the massive dance-floor… everything was wonder-ful. “By Request” brought an “Ultimate” sound & lighting package that was fit for a Queen of Hearts. The students brought the party. Special thanks to Anna Ferree and the ASB Leadership crew for an amazing job. Also, thanks to Valerie Rosenquist McGill for taking great photos. ┬áMore photos can be found on the “By Request” Facebook page.

Here are some highlights…

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