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10 Tips When Hiring a DJ for Your Wedding or Event

When hiring a DJ for your wedding or special event, be sure to do your homework.  Ask the right questions and check their references.  If you have the opportunity, attend a public performance or at least check out their video highlights.  Needless to say, the DJ can make, or break your special event, so choose wisely.  Here are some great tips to help you choose the right DJ for your next event.

1.  Planning:  A professional DJ will help plan your wedding or event.  From the timeline toDownload your free copy of the Ultimate Wedding Checklist now! music requests and all of the special moments in between.  Remember the old saying; “Failure to plan is a plan to fail“.  Small items are often overlooked and can cause serious problems later on. Lean on the expert advice of a professional DJ to ensure success.

2.  Experience:  Make sure that he or she is not a “newbie”.  You don’t want your event to  be a training session.  A seasoned professional will have the knowledge and foresight to overcome potential problems and deliver a  memorable performance.

3.  Appearance:  Does the DJ represent your style?  Does he or she match your event?  Appearance & personality are key components to successfully connecting with your guests.

4.  Availability:  In addition to booking the date, a good DJ should give you personalized attention.  Your DJ should be available for consultations and be easy to reach via email, phone, text, etc.

Elan, Jeremy, Amberlie5. Focus:   The focus of your event is you.  Your event is not just another stop on the DJ’s personal world tour.  A professional DJ knows that he or she is not the star of the show, but rather an enhancement to the overall success of the event.  The music should be tailored to you and your guests, not the DJ’s personal favorites.  Be careful, some DJ’s are limelight hogs.  The style, energy, volume and activities should all be customized to your wishes.

6.  Interaction:  A good DJ will know how to read and react to a crowd.  He or she will know when to play the right music to keep your guests dancing and to appropriately interact with your guests.   There is a science to “cooking up” the ideal social atmosphere and a professional DJ will know many different “recipes for fun”.

Jeremy-Microphone-BW-250px7.  Voice:  Make sure your DJ is good on the microphone when making announcements.  He or she should have a clear voice and be able to capture the attention of your guests.  Additionally, their personality should compliment yours.  After all, they are a representation of you during the event.

8.  Equipment:  Ask your DJ about their gear.  Most DJ’s will be eager to brag about the quality of their equipment.  You don’t need to understand all of the technical jargon, but pay attention to the level of passion as they describe their components.  Beware if they don’t seem too proud, it probably means that their gear is inadequate.  You deserve a reliable sound & lighting system for your event.

9.  Volume:  Make sure your DJ understands appropriate volume.  In addition to performing at a level that is comfortable for your guests, there are laws regarding noise.  In San Luis Obispo County the law prohibits noise disturbances between 10pm-7am.  The maximum noise level for short-term operation of mobile equipment is 85dbA at the property line (dbA is a measurement of sound pressure level).  A professional DJ should be aware of these laws and should be able to make suggestions for minimizing potential disturbances while maximizing sound effectiveness.

10.  Licensed & Insured:  Professional DJ companies are licensed and insured.  They will be happy to provide you with copies of their policy (Many venues require this now anyways).  Additionally, you might inquire about any other professional organizations that they belong to.  Memberships in reputable organizations are a good sign that you’ve found a real pro!

Hiring the right DJ can make all the difference.  It could be the single most important aspect in the overall success of your event… and you deserve to have a great celebration!

Wedding: Surprise Performance!

Elan, Jeremy, AmberlieOn September 5th, 2014 at the Santa Margarita Ranch in California, newlywed Elan surprised his bride Amberlie with an unexpected live performance of their favorite song. Elan is a lawyer by trade (with a rockstar soul). He secretly took guitar lessons and coordinated the entire performance. He even sent CD’s to all of the guests with instructions for participating in the surprise show. Needless to say, Amberlie was astonished. The marching band of drummers was the icing on the wedding cake!! It was an honor and a pleasure working with such a wonderful couple.  Enjoy the video and please be sure to read their nice comments below.  Cheers!!

Absolutely Phenomenal:  We went searching and interviewing for a local DJ on the central coast. We interviewed at least 7 different people and sat with them each for over an hour. We had our checklist handy: The DJ had to: 1) Have experience; 2) Be likable; 3)Be reasonably priced; 4) Seem genuinely interested in making our day special; and 5) they had to mesh with our personalities. I know this list sounds long, but truth is, we thought and now know, the DJ is one of if not THE most important vendor. Jeremy exceeded our expectations on every single check mark on our list. 1) This guy knows what he’s doing. From the equipment he recommended and used (everyone could hear everything perfectly)to his song order to keep the crowd entertained to his MCing – he was simply the best! 2) Jeremy was more than likable. We got quite a few comments about what a cool DJ we had. Who comments on that? Really, that’s how good he was. He wasn’t cheesy, he wasn’t into taking any spotlight, he was just the man behind the curtain and someone who you could easily see being friends with. 3) The price was right. We noticed that a ton of DJ’s had gimmicks – “get a free photo booth” – “get some extra lighting” – we heard it all. After meeting with all the DJ’s, we sat down and talked about all the side deals and extra – but ultimately none of it mattered to us. Not only was Jeremy the right price – he didn’t need any gimmicks – what was important to us, was that we got the Best DJ at the Best Price. And we were right when we picked him. 4) From the very start, Jeremy and his wife Nina said their job was to focus on “us” and to make things as special as possible. They met with us numerous times – even when it was last minute. They spoke to us over the phone, through email, and once even at 1 in the morning when we were having a difficult time picking a song to walk down the isle. They met up with me for a rehearsal performance (my surprise for the wife) and set up all their equipment and assisted in the actual performance itself! 5) Finally, and possibly most important – they meshed with our personalities. I cannot see them not meshing with anyone. They are both so relaxed, sweet, generous, thoughtful, and simply good people. To whomever is reading this, the DJ company “By Request” of Jeremy and Nina is phenomenal and HIGHLY recommend them for any event.  – Elan and Amberlie

Grand Entrance: Charise & Jared

Here’s a custom Grand Entrance that we produced for Jared & Charise. This amazing couple wanted a big introduction like a movie-trailer for their wedding reception. As you can see, the Bridal Party had a blast with it and the guests were on their feet! The energy definitely set the mood for a fantastic celebration. Special moments like these are unique, priceless and memorable. Ask us about adding a custom Grand Entrance to your wedding celebration!

Event: California Roadsters

CA Roadsters LogoIn May, By Request had the pleasure of playing some classic tunes for the California Roadsters.  The nostalgic car club members travel from both Orange County and San Francisco to celebrate Memorial weekend at the Peach Tree in San Luis Obispo.  We took a trip down memory lane with some of the greatest cruising music ever recorded.  It was a blast from the past!  Members can be seen in their black letterman or leather bomber jackets, with hand painted artwork depicting a nostalgic rendering of roadsters. The specialty car club is limited to American built roadster street rods manufactured before 1937.  Here are some great shots of these beautiful cars and their owners having a rockin’ good time!

Paso Robles Wine Fest Reserve 2014

By Request helped to kick off Wine Fest 2014 with some great music, delicious wines & tasty foods for a great cause.  The Downtown Paso Robles Park was the place to be on Friday May 16th.  Adam & Jeremy, also known as the “Cork Dorks” from 92.5 The Krush, were the auctioneers for the event.  Fantastic items were up for bids in an effort to raise scholarship money for 3 local students.  Special thanks to the Paso Robles Wine Country Alliance for all of their hard work.  Lots of purple teeth!

PR Wine Fest Reserve 2014

[img src=]Delicious Wine!
[img src=]DJ Jeremy Ryan & Chris Shawn from By Request
[img src=]Welcome to Wine Fest 2014
[img src=]Beautiful weather & lots of folks in attendance.
[img src=]Grab a Glass!
[img src=]Vivant Cheese... yummy samples!!
[img src=]Thomas Hill Organics
[img src=]The Cork Dorks from 92.5 The Krush
[img src=]Katie from the PRWCA having some laughs.
[img src=]Jack Creek Cellars
[img src=]Doug & Sabrina from Jack Creek Cellars
[img src=]DJ Jeremy Ryan
[img src=]Tasty appetizers.
[img src=]Cass Winery
[img src=]Wine Alliance ladies love their wine!
[img src=]Grab another glass!
[img src=]Clayhouse Wines
[img src=]Sextant
[img src=]SeaVenture
[img src=]Fresh Fire Pizza
[img src=]Fresh Fire Pizza crew
[img src=]One of the auction boards
[img src=]Derby Wine Estates
[img src=]Derby in a Carafe
[img src=]Scholarship Recipients
[img src=]Alta Colina
[img src=]Trumpet Vine Catering
[img src=]All the way from San Diego
[img src=]Auction boards
[img src=]Down to the wire with last second bids.
[img src=]The excitement builds...
[img src=]A few winning bids
[img src=]Chris from the PR Wine Country Alliance
[img src=]More scrumptious treats!
[img src=]J Dusi
[img src=]Pizza anyone?

Wedding: Andrea & Jay

Cinco De Mayo at Ragged Point!  Andrea & Jay traveled all the way to the California coastline from Texas with their closest friends and family members to witness and celebrate their marriage.  It’s no wonder this spot is a popular wedding destination.  The views are breath-taking.  Lots of fun, excellent music (including the Aggie Fight Song) and yummy food!  My two little cowboy friends Gus & Mac, spoiled me with candy gifts all afternoon… they even returned to the reception in their pajamas to give me a hug before heading to sleep!  Too cute.  Congratulations & Happy Trails to our new Texas friends!!

Ragged Point is one of our absolute favorite wedding locations on the Central Coast (Nina & I were married here in 2005).  If you’re looking for a picturesque location for your big day, consider this spot!!  It’s beautiful.

Wedding: Andrea & Jay

[img src=]
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Wedding: Pat & Pepper

Bride & Groom: Pat & Pepper“Nina, I can’t thank you and Jeremy enough for such a great evening at our wedding.  Everything went so well.  My daughter Emily said it was magical.  I agree.  The music during the whole evening was perfect.  Thank you!”  – Pat & Pepper

It’s no secret, the Central Coast is a fantastic place for a wedding!  Just ask Pat & Pepper who traveled all the way from Minnesota to exchange their vows in the cozy California climate.  Guests came from near and far to attend the celebration at Denner Vineyards.  This venue is one of our absolute favorites in the region.  From the breathtaking views to the marvelous wines, this gorgeous location is ideal for an intimate and memorable event.  The staff is laid back and the atmosphere will nourish your soul.   “Magical” is a word that I’ve heard many times when people describe this venue.  Pat & Pepper chose to keep their ceremony and reception simple and elegant.  A beautiful song was performed by Janna Braun during the ceremony (check out the video below).  Plenty of time was allotted for socializing and dancing!  After a splendid meal, the party kicked up and the bride was ready to dance the night away!  They selected a nice music mix of classic hits and some contemporary dance tunes to keep the party hoppin’.  I overheard several of the Minnesota guests planning their return trip to Paso Robles.  I guess our secret is out!  A special thanks to Theresa Wasley and the wonderful crew at Denner for the hospitality.  Here are some video highlights from the affair.

Wedding: Kari & Scott

Every wedding is unique.  An inimitable reflection of the personalities and preferences of the bride and groom.  Mix in the spontaneous energy created by friends, family members and honored guests and you’ll find yourself immersed in originality.  It’s their collective tastes, styles and attitudes that make each celebration truly memorable.  On July 20th, 2013 we had the pleasure of providing the entertainment at Kari & Scott’s wedding at Tiber Canyon Ranch.  The setting was among quaint olive groves, nestled in the hills between San Luis Obispo and Pismo Beach.  Tiber Canyon Ranch is a secluded olive farm & artist retreat that hosts a limited number of events each year.  The sun shined brightly and nature set the scene for a fantastic ceremony & reception.  Bluegrass music filled the air, accompanied by laughter and a delicious buffet by Splash Cafe.  Scott & Kari opted for a simplified reception, choosing only a few “traditional” moments, while leaving plenty of time for socializing, S’mores and of course, dancing!  My favorite moments of the day were the eloquent, endearing and oft comical toasts, delivered by a gaggle of dignified guests.  I have included some speech highlights in their video for your enjoyment.  Special thanks to Will & Chris at Tiber Canyon Ranch.  Here is a link to their wedding photo gallery: Kari & Scott photos.  Cheers!

Paso Robles Project Prom 2013

What?!?  Not enough tickets to the Prom?!?!  No worries.  Thanks to the generous donations and the many volunteers, the shunned students of Paso Robles High School were able to attend the Prom after all.  The video tells the story.  We were glad to donate our services to the cause… and we were thrilled to be part of such a memorable event.

TMS Neon Dance 2013

The Templeton Middle School was rockin’ for their annual “Neon Dance”!!  The black lights were poppin’, the music was pumpin’ and “By Request” was in the building.  This video features an original song by our very own Max Styler, called “Avalanche”.  Thanks again to Julie and the TMS PTO for all of their hard work.  We even noticed all of the chaperones gettin’ loose too!!!